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Comportamento / 10/09/2020

About choices we don't want and paths we don't dream of

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About choices we don't want and paths we don't dream of


Being an adult is very complicated. We have to work, study. We have responsibilities. We have to be "someone". And when we are in that phase, that identity crisis is almost general; we start to relate to time in a totally different way, since we know that we are little by little ceasing to exist and that we will inexorably die.

Despair often starts to be part of everyday life. We question life and wonder if we got we were dreaming, if we are happy with our choices. We question ourselves, if what we do reflects what we are or if we let ourselves be carried away by the tide, by the herd effect. Although it is difficult to predict the consequences of our choices, it is necessary that we have the courage to take them and not follow exactly what society determines that we should do.

Any choice we make will cause us difficulties. There will always be the unpredictable, the uncontrollable, these are indissoluble amalgams of life. So, there is no point in wanting to be a lawyer or doctor because of the parents' wishes, or simply because there is security in being a “doctor”. As well, living without fear of taking risks will not necessarily yield a happy life.

At every opportunity we have, we must leave our mark, be what we are, because life is brief and does not involve reruns. The "safest" options will take you on paths that have nothing to do with you. Paths, you can't see your steps. Empty and sad paths; depressions far the mountains. So, I ask: are the “safe” options no longer difficult?

Any choice you make brings difficulties, as I said, but when that choice is made by us, when we see ourselves in what we do, we feel alive and stronger to overcome the difficulties that are inherent in any choice we make.

However, I have noticed that we have been cowering in front of others and we are increasingly following the herd. Concomitant to this, dreams are left behind and individuals just survive, without any encouragement in what they do.

Being happy is more than spending your days making spreadsheets in Excel, even if it "pays" well. Living a cliché life, with sweetener and decaffeinated coffee is not the recipe for success, simply because it does not exist. Each person carries a story within them, dreams, desires and yes, they have the right to realize them.

Adapting to a sick society is not the best way, because in addition to being just one among many equals, concerned with technical training and a bureaucratic little life that "earns" you a nice salary, they will be empty individuals, with no memories to define them , full of existential gaps, like an outsider who doesn't know he came or who he is.

When we make choices out of social pressure or out of fear of taking risks, we will never be able to allow ourselves to brighten up the world with our best; we will be dull stars that do not illuminate the sky. That is, we will be there, but we will not be noticed. We will be puppets of a show that moves along paths hidden our hearts.

Trapped in a nebulous relationship with time, we cannot find each other. And, perhaps, you don't even need it, because we will be just dead skin of feelings that once pulsed through different waters. So different that they told you to row in the opposite direction. And you went. He is not a victor or a loser. He is a traveler an unknown place that he was once told to go. He feels sad and wants to go back, but he does not remember the old paths he wanted to follow. So, continue. Without spirit, soul or will. He is not a victor or a loser. Once:

“What is not the result of a choice can be considered neither merit nor failure.

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