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Política Nacional / 09/04/2021


Covid CPI: Senate President gives interview

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Covid CPI: Senate President gives interview

Pandemic CPI will be 'platform' for 2022, and order to install it is 'wrong', says Pacheco

Senate President gave statements at a press conference, after Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, of the STF, determined a CPI installation.

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) said on Thursday (8) that he will install the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry known as the Pandemic CPI, as determined by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) .

Pacheco assessed, however, that the decision was "wrong" and that the commission could be used as a "political platform" for the 2022 elections.

The request for the creation of the CPI was filed on January 15 by senators who want to investigate the actions and omissions of the Jair Bolsonaro government in the health crisis.

Covid-19 risk exposure

The president of the Senate also said that he considered that a commission operating in person during this pandemic moment will "expose senators, civil servants, people who may be summoned to testify and journalists at risk".

"I consider it to be a wrong decision, which sets inappropriate precedents for the moment in the country," said Pacheco. “Brazil today is at a time of absolute exceptionality, perhaps the greatest in our history, not of our generation, but of our history as Brazilians. So, that was disregarded by the decision. ”

CPI should work in person

Pacheco pointed out that, due to the nature of a CPI, which receives confidential information, hears witnesses and analyzes documents, the work must take place in person.

"[The decision] will be enforced next week. In the first session, the application will be read. I have already determined the parties to nominate their members. I repeat: I will see to it that the functioning of the CPI can guarantee the health of senators, servers and those who are summoned to attend, "he added.

In a letter sent to the STF, the Senate's advocacy even stated that the eventual creation of the commission would not contribute to the "immediate fight" against Covid.

Asked who will chair the CPI and who will stay with the rapporteur, Pacheco said that this will still be analyzed.

The president of the Senate said that he will not wait for the analysis of the lawsuit in the virtual plenary of the STF to install the commission.

“This is an internal corporate decision of the STF and I do not interfere in internal corporate matters of the STF. It is up to the STF to decide. I, once notified of Minister Barroso's decision, will comply with it, taking care to provide health security to the senators who come to participate ”, he declared.

Government reaction

After Barroso's decision, Communications Minister Fábio Faria said in a social network that the CPI "will not contribute to overcoming the pandemic".

"Shouldn't our efforts be focused on combating Covid-19 and vaccinating Brazilians? It's time for unity, not politicization and chaos. If they are going to investigate omissions and deviations in the pandemic, it will be an early victory for PR @jairbolsonaro, which will prove a responsible and integral performance. They will shoot what they think they saw and hit what they don’t see ", published the minister.

Then, the government leader in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), also stated on a social network that the installation of the CPI is "untimely as it compromises efforts to guarantee care for serious cases and speed up vaccination".

Covid Numbers

According to the consortium of press vehicles, based on data the state health departments, Brazil recorded 4,190 deaths Covid in the last 24 hours, reaching 345,287 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Also according to the consortium, 10.4% of the Brazilian population was vaccinated against Covid until 8:39 pm on Thursday (8).

In all, informed the consortium, 28.5 million doses were applied (22.1 million people received at least one dose; 6.3 million received the second dose).

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