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Política Nacional / 19/05/2021


Under protection habeas corpus, former Minister Pazuello faces Covid's CPI.

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Under protection habeas corpus, former Minister Pazuello faces Covid's CPI.

General Eduardo Pazuello is the third health minister of Bolsonaro to testify at the CPI. Testimony will be another step to attest Bolsonaro's responsibility in the mistakes of conducting the pandemic

Former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello testifies at Covid's CPI in the Senate today 9am. Pazuello is the third holder of the portfolio in the Jair Bolsonaro government to provide clarification on the government's conduct of the pandemic. He will be asked about his conduct in the government during the ten months he was in charge of the ministry. Pazuello must respond on topics such as government posture, social isolation, vaccination, collapse in Manaus and omission of data.

Initially, the ex-minister would be heard on May 5, but a day earlier the Army Command informed the CPI that the ex-minister, active general, was in quarantine after having had contact with two people with covid-19.

In the document sent by Pazuello and sent by the Army Command to the CPI, the former minister stated that he could keep the date of the hearing, with his participation occurring remotely, or the deposition could be postponed. CPI President, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), opted for the postponement.

Last Friday (14), Pazuello obtained habeas corpus at the STF to remain silent at the CPI, with the aim of not producing evidence against him. However, he must respond about facts related to third parties.

“If he adopts the strategy of silence or half-words in Covid's CPI, General Eduardo Pazuello will pass the ball, inevitably, to President Jair Bolsonaro. The ex-Minister of Health's gesture of not collaborating with the commission and not speaking can be interpreted, in a certain way, also as the posture of someone who refuses to defend the president ”, states Estadão in an analysis published this Wednesday. "In that case, the active duty officer will behave for the benefit of his own survival and not for the sake of a government."

'One commands, another obeys'

The newspaper also recalls a live by Pazuello, October 2020, alongside President Bolsonaro. At the time, the then minister said that the relationship with President Bolsonaro was simple: “one commands, the other obeys”. “It was a reaction to the president's attitude of disallowing him by canceling the purchase of doses of Coronavac. The sentence, which entered the anecdote, is what can now save the general. He has an alibi: the president ”, states Estadão.

This Wednesday, former minister Pazuello will also be in evidence at the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU). “The court's ministers resume a trial of authorship that has already signaled 'serious omissions' by the Pazuello administration in combating the pandemic. The report today has the support of four ministers. They try to convince one more to be approved ”, states Estadão.

"The technical report under analysis by the ministers of the Court of Accounts brings the harshest diagnosis about the work of President Jair Bolsonaro's ally at the head of the portfolio charged with leading the fight against the disease that killed more than 437 thousand people in Brazil," says the newspaper. The CPI rapporteur, Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), even classified the document as a good “roadmap” for the commission.

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