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Religião e Espiritualidade / 10/08/2020

15 Important life lessons that St. Augustine left us

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15 Important life lessons that St. Augustine left us


Leading philosopher of the period of philosophy known as Patristic, Augustine of Hippo or Saint Augustine was a philosopher of the Middle Ages whose work helped to found the foundations of philosophy adopted by the Catholic Church, as well as raising questions that influenced the entire later history of philosophy.

Until Augustine, Christian philosophers argued that the foundation and essence of life should be faith, particularly the Christian faith. Based on faith, men would make important decisions in their lives and make moral judgments. For this reason, it was a legacy to act in daily life, in minor and routine decisions. Augustine, on the other hand, knowledgeable about philosophy behind different religions and very well versed in general philosophy, sought reason for the justification for faith.

Among the many topics he worked on, he explored the issue of human freedom, in the form of free will, arguing that Divine Grace would be the guarantee element of freedom. He further formulated the doctrine of original sin and the theory of just war.

According to Augustine, Christians should be philosophically and personally pacifist. This means that Christians should defend peace, opting for it in principle, whenever possible, but it allows that, when it is not possible to establish peace, war is waged. He understood that a peaceful attitude towards an evil that could only be stopped by violence is a sin, since it allows the perpetuation of this evil.

Augustine left a gigantic legacy, with important phrases that, regardless of your religion, will make you reflect on the way you look at life.

We ed some messages Saint Augustine that are true teachings, whether you are a Christian or a pagan.

What is the limit of love?

“The measure of love is to love without measure” - Saint Augustine

Love is one of those things that does not know excess. When the feeling is true and healthy, there is no reason to measure or limit it. Love without limits!

Don't do it ...

"It's not enough to do good things, you have to do them well." - Saint Augustine

For something to work - be it a task, plan or objective - we need determination and commitment to what we want to accomplish. Will is important, but it is worthless without effort, commitment and commitment.

So, put your heart into everything you do. Don't settle for finalizing goals, but learning on the way and doing your best in each new challenge!

Learn to wait to learn

“There is no place for wisdom there is no patience” - Saint Augustine

Having patience is one of the most costly lessons to learn for most people. We live in a generation accustomed to the immediacy of things. But, not everything in life happens at the moment you want ... We must learn to wait. This is one of the most important steps towards wisdom.

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"The world is a book and those who sit at home read only one page." - Saint Augustine

The world is much more than meets the eye! Allow yourself to explore and get to know feelings, places and customs that are outside your “comfort zone”.

Don't live stuck in your “glass cube”, everything is familiar and easy. Go, get out, try it, fall and get up a few times! Only then will you be able to know the world and know what it is really like to live in it ...

The truth (almost always) hurts

"People tend to love the truth when it illuminates them, but they tend to hate it when they confront them." - Saint Augustine

The truth will not always be what we want to hear. We need to be aware that we are not perfect ... Everyone makes mistakes, but it is in an attempt to improve and change that we grow and become stronger.

In constant renewal

"Nothing will be lost while we are searching." - Saint Augustine

"Even if you have already gone a long way, there will always be one more way to go." - Saint Augustine

Don't take anything for granted. However long the search or journey has been, never give up on continuing. There is always something new lurking around the corners of life. Stay tuned!

What should be really important to you

“Don't be wondering how much you have, but what you are.

True happiness does not consist in having much, but in settling for little. ” - Saint Augustine

"Love and do what you wish. If you shut up, you will shut up with love; if you shout, you will shout with love; if you correct, you will correct with love; if you forgive, you will forgive with love. If you have love rooted in you, nothing but love will be your fruit. ” - Saint Augustine

Things may not always go as planned, but when they are done with the right “ingredients”, you can be sure that everything will be worth it.

Three basic rules

"Know yourself, accept yourself, overcome yourself." - Saint Augustine

There are three very important steps that we constantly need to go through.

Links that are essential

“We need each other to be ourselves.” - Saint Augustine

Strengthening what is really worth

“Do you worry if the tree of your life has rotting branches? Don't waste time; take good care of the root and you won't have to walk around the branches. ” - Saint Augustine

Augustine refers to the importance of prioritizing and valuing our essence, our core, our base. If you have good principles, however many branches of your life break, you will never wither. The main factor for reconstruction is in essence!

Eliminating evil by the source ...

"Pride is the source of all weaknesses, because it is the source of all addictions." - Saint Augustine

The daughters of Hope

“Hope has two beautiful daughters, indignation and courage; indignation teaches us not to accept things as they are; the courage, to change them. ” - Saint Augustine

One is a mirror of the other

" there is no charity there can be no justice." - Saint Augustine

Share with the world what you would like to be shared with you. However "ugly" and "gross" humanity may seem, at times, all we need to change the energies around us is to fill the world with as many good things as possible.

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