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Saúde / 25/05/2021


Anti-cancer vaccine is successful: it kills tumor and immunizes

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Anti-cancer vaccine is successful: it kills tumor and immunizes

A team of scientists Montreal, Canada is developing a revolutionary anti-cancer vaccine, which specifically infects and destroys cancer cells without touching healthy cells.

The experimental vaccine contains modified viruses - called oncolitic and has already been shown to be effective in mice.

In a study published in the scientific journal Nature, the researchers show how they created an effective personalized vaccine, combining oncolytic viruses with small synthetic molecules (peptides) specific to the target cancer.

"For a vaccine to induce an immune response, it must contain elements that stimulate the cells of the immune system - the famous white blood cells," explains Marie-Claude Bourgeois-Daigneault, a researcher at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center - CRCHUM, who runs the study.

Strengthens immune system

These viruses can even stimulate the immune system so that it is well armed to recognize and kill malignant cells. This is known as immunotherapy.

“These elements, called adjuvants, are ingredients of all vaccines. They allow the human body to perceive the potential danger and contain the threat by sending its army of immune cells. Our approach is to use oncolytic viruses to stimulate this immune response and target it for cancer. To be successful, we created a vaccine mixing viruses with synthetic peptides (antigens) that resemble the targeted cancer ”, said the researcher.

“The advantage of our approach is that oncolytic viruses themselves have the power to kill cancer. Thus, we can attack cancer on two fronts: kill it directly with the virus and induce an immune response, thanks not only to the virus, but also to the vaccine. In our mice, we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the resulting immunization ”.

The difference

According to the researcher, the other personalized cancer vaccines clinically tested so far do not use oncolytic viruses as vaccination adjuvants.

Therefore, its adjuvant has no direct anti-cancer effects, as in the Montreal vaccine, viruses can destroy the disease.

Next steps

The main challenge now is to identify the mutations, since cancer is unique in its dozens or hundreds of mutations, but only a few of them, once targeted, will have a therapeutic effect to eliminate it entirely.

“The identification of these mutations is the fundamental step that still needs to be optimized. Fortunately, many groups are working in this area ”, says the vaccine coordinator optimistically.

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